Welcome to Mer's Closet!

Hey there everyone! I'm Stephanie your CEO, seamstress, social media director, ect. and welcome to Mer's Closet. We are an Arkansas based company ran by a couple and their cat. Mer’s Closet has been a passion project for me! Mer's Closet is a side business to my super fun career as an Autism Therapist! 

After creating an Instagram for my cat, Meredith, I realized just how popular pet fashion is, but I also realized that not all of the bandanas out there suit Meredith. What I mean by this is that many shops only offer one specific style range and stick with it. We wanted to include as many collections as possible to fit both pets and owners likes. We have curated collections to fit the hunting pet, the modern pet, and the girly pet. 

Thank you all for you continual support, it means the world to us! I never expected this shop to become what it has and the feeling of excitement still hasn't faded since our opening day in March of 2019! It makes us so excited when you send us pictures of your pets rocking their new bandanas. All products are made with love in every stitch! Thank you all for supporting our small shop!

Stephanie and Meredith